The Statement of Purpose

What is a blog that nobody will read without a statement of purpose?

Go Crazy Paul!

Back in the olden days of the internets, I made a Word document that was created with the intention of becoming a AOL homepage to be called The UAG or the “Under-appreciated Actor’s Guild”. A few days later, after months of hard work the hard drive fried and the project died there. (Note: This list included some quite amazing break outs including Paul Giamatti, David Strathairn, Peter Stormare, Aaron Eckhart, and a few more that I can’t recall. Maybe I should have tried to be an agent.)

The UA was to be an offshoot of a Steve Buscemi Fan Club Homepage, which is still located on tripod (another pre-historic relic that still survives, and outlasted AltaVista sadly). Despite my love for the man, I am still shocked he is starring on a HBO series.

The idea has always festered in my mind until it sprang a leak a few weeks backĀ at a weird Asian place in NYC that had 5 different menus which a limited amount of proper English. Prompted by my friend Dave who is one of many who is always looking for something new or something he missed, especially when it comes to movies. So for Dave, here it is.

I’ve decided to start this blog with the intention for bringing to light a few things, expanding the horizons of some even in this current world of multitude with practically every movie ever made at your finger tips.

Yet have you ever been staring into this abyss of everything and wonder to watch? Too much choice can leave you flabbergasted. So once in a while, hopefully semi-frequently, there will be a post here, bringing to light something you might have missed. A movie most have missed? An album that eluded the not-so-attuned ears of the world? There is a goldmine of greatness every day that is oft overlooked and I plan to bring it all to light. OK all is a strong statement, let’s say most. Maybe a sliver?